The purpose of the Grand Avenue Members Association (GAMA) is threefold:

  • Preserve the unique historic character of Lower Grand Avenue in Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Support and assist in eliminating blight and promoting the revitalization of the neighborhood’s core and surrounding areas through educational and community improvement programs.
  • Work to encourage social and economic development that promotes sustainable practices.

GAMA is led by a volunteer nine-member Board of Directors and officers:

  • Chair ~ Bob Graham, Motley Design Group
  • Secretary ~ Lindsay Kinkade, Design Republic
  • Treasurer ~ Mark Abromowitz, Abromowitz Investment Properties, LLC

GAMA members and friends developed a strategic plan in January 2014 to help the organization and neighborhood move forward over the next few years. The GAMA steering committee reviews the strategic plan document on a regular basis to monitor progress and propose refinements. Review and download the most current plan version here.

Lower Grand Avenue is defined as all commercial property on Grand Avenue from 7th Ave. to 19th Ave. and also commercial property that is parallel and estimated within 1/4 mile on either side of Grand Ave. between Van Buren St. and McDowell Rd.

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